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Metasouk Technologies Pvt Ltd officially launched their first of its kind website called Metasouk.com. For the first time ever a classified website has been launched that doesn’t look or feel like a typical classified website. In addition to this, Metasouk.com is considered as the social media for classifieds, online store, dating and a lot more. On the outside, it looks like basic listing however once viewers login, a host of features will welcome them. Moreover, event notifications come on their calendar and widgets that offer news and much more. 

Aside from this, internships and jobs can be posted in simple steps and at the same time companies can get listed for free. A tab for dating with a social media design, chat that has color codes to completely indicate the person from which section (ads, online store, networking or from dating!). It simply means that metasouk.com is a fabulous engagement. Furthermore, Ajay Kuriakose Jacobs is the Director of the newly started venture, who is known for his incredible contributions in the field of Insurance and his hunger for technology has made him a true visonary for the website. The idea and project started two years back and in December 2014 the beta version was launched. Metasouk.com is a website made as a result of the inspirations in the web world. 

This website is an effort to bring together some of the superb utilities used today in one place in a simple and easy to use interface. The developers of metasouk.com constantly strive to keep evolving and pack better features as they grow. At metasouk.com, clients can post ads, search jobs and business directory. They worked hand in hand to make it interesting and simple. The newly launched website is encouraging their valued clients to sign up for free today and list their business for free. 

Moreover, clients can also follow metasouk.com on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Metasouk.com wants to create awareness to a new concept to an existing utility which is the classified website. Imagine creating one’s own store and having the reachability of a classifieds ad! and paying absolutely no commission for the sales made!! Yup, the concept and design is simply amazing. According to the Director of Metasouk Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Ajay Kuriakose Jacobs, “Websites today are fiercely competitive and innovative in all ways. They undergo changes constantly and it’s an ongoing process. 

Metasouk.com is the change in the Ads world where people will love setting up stores, posting ads and creating their company profiles, recruiting people, finding your true love and much more. So welcome to metasouk.com……….because change is good."


For those people who want to post ads, open their own store and list their business for free, metasouk.com is the perfect choice to consider.  Currently, Metasouk.com is available for all countries, and there is no better way go global in no time!

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